Posted on May 5, 2022 Categories: Dance

Please can we request that from September 2019 we would like all our pupils to have the set uniform for all dance classes at the school, with the deadline being January 2020.

Limbering/Saturday Jazz – the new red and black set uniform – leggings or shorts and any of the 3 set tops (vests, strappy top or crop top). Hair in a very neat slick high ponytail or french plaits. 

Modern/Tap – set red/black uniform OR black leotard and black footless tights, hair in a very neat high ponytail or french plaits.

Ballet – Pink Ballet socks, or a ballet tights and a black or plain coloured dance leotard. Hair in a bun.

WBSD T-shirts can be worn during each class’s warm up

We do have the set uniform order forms, these can be downloaded HERE, or requested at classes. 

Black (or coloured leotards) can be ordered from us, with the cheapest being £6 children and £8 adult sizes, or you can go to Pointe Perfection  who have a large selection of leotards at very reasonable prices 


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